March 28, 2019

Land Conservation Funding in Danger! Your Voice is Needed!

We applaud Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature for their strong commitment to fix Florida’s water quality problems. We strongly believe that an approach to address blue-green algae blooms and red tide must also begin at the source, by protecting landscapes that can hold and clean water before it flows into our rivers and coastal estuaries
Currently there is 45 Million in the Senate budget for Florida Forever and ZERO for Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP). The House has 20 million for Florida Forever and ZERO for RFLPP. Your voice is needed in support of these essential programs!

See THIS list of legislators who are making the funding decisions. Please call the number listed or email their legislative aid and let them know you support funding the RFLPP and Florida Forever programs – they are critical to protecting our water resources. Fixing our water issues will require a comprehensive approach (we can’t just fix the issues downstream and ignore where our water comes from).

Land Protection Funding is a TIME-SENSTIVE issue. Florida is growing at a rate of 1000 people a day; we are the 3rd most populated state in our nation. Many lands waiting to be protected will be lost in the next few years as our population increases. Protecting the landscapes that hold and clean our water is vital to our future.

Conservation Easements:
• Store and treat water BEFORE it reaches major water bodies;
• Prevent further decreases in water quality;
• Are the most cost-effective way to preserve our water resources

We can invest a little now or a LOT later to restore our watersheds!

Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP)
Agricultural Conservation Easement Program under Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. RFLPP’s primary mission is the protection of our working lands, agricultural economy and water resources.

Florida Forever
Florida’s conservation lands program under Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FF Program does BOTH fee-simple and conservation easements). Program is a national model for science-based land conservation. The primary goals of Florida Forever conservation easements are to: protect high priority natural resource areas and ensure our water resources are protected.

Florida Forever and RFLPP are critical to the health of the landscape; they both protect water quality and supply for urban area and viable wildlife populations.


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Legislative List
Please call or email the legislators below. Start with the bulleted list of legislators at the top. Please reach out to any others on the Appropriations Committees or subcommittees that are listed below- ESPECIALLY if you have a personal relationship!



  • Senator Rob Bradley, Chair of Appropriations

Legislative Aide:  Taylor Ferguson                   (850) 487-5005


  • Senator Wilton Simpson, Vice Chairof Appropriations

Legislative Aide:  Patty Harrison                     (850) 487-5010


Legislative Aide:  Andrew Liebert                     (850) 487-5026



  • Jose Oliva, Speaker of the House (850) 717-5110


  • Travis Cummings, Chair of House Appropriations

Legislative Aide: Sandy Matthews                             (850) 717-5018


  • Dane Eagle, Vice Chair of House Appropriations

Legislative Aide: Paige LeBoutillier                          (850) 717-5077


  • Holly Raschein, Chair of House Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee

Legislative Aide: Julio Rodriguez                                 (850) 717-5120


  • Rick Roth, Vice Chair House Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee

Legislative Aide: Sheri Healy                                         (850) 717-5085




Other Senate Contacts
(please reach out to anyone you have a personal relationship with!)


Senator Bill Galvano, President



Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment & Gen Gov’t
*Also on Full Appropriations Committee

Senator Debbie Mayfield, Chair*

Legislative Aide:  Adrienne Cronebaugh         (850) 487-5017


Senator Bobby Powell, Vice Chair*

Legislative Aide:  Tomas Alcala                     (850) 487-5030


Senator Ben Albritton, (Ag Chair, Environment and Natural Resources Vice Chair)

Legislative Aide:  Andrew Liebert                  (850) 487-5026


Senator Aaron Bean*

Legislative Aide: Dee Alexander                     (850) 487-5004


Senator Lori Berman

Legislative Aide:  Evelyn DuPlecy                 (850) 487-5031


Senator Doug Broxson

Legislative Aide:  Kevin Brown                      (850) 487-5001


Senator Ed Hooper

Legislative Aide:  Brian Flaherty                    (850) 487-5016


Senator Travis Hutson*

Legislative Aide: Danielle Curbow                 (850) 487-5007


Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez

Legislative Aide:  Laura Jimenez                    (850) 487-5037


Senator Linda Stewart*

Legislative Aide:  Avery Coleman                  (850) 487-5013


Senate Appropriations Committee


Senator Rob Bradley, Chair

Legislative Aide:  Taylor Ferguson                 (850) 487-5005


Senator Wilton Simpson, Vice Chair

Legislative Aide:  Patty Harrison                   (850) 487-5010


Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto

Legislative Aide:  Matthew Hunter                (850) 487-5027


Senator Lauren Book

Legislative Aide:  Zoraida Druckman             (850)487-5032


Senator Jeff Brandes

Legislative Aide:  Zachary Hubbard               (850) 487-5024


Senator Oscar Braynon II

Legislative Aide:  Oneca Lowery                    (850) 487-5035


Senator Anitere Flores

Legislative Aide:  Nicholas Alvarez                (850) 487-5039


Senator George Gainer

Legislative Aide:  Andrea Gainey                   (850) 487-5002


Senator Audrey Gibson

Legislative Aide:  Farisha Hamid                    (850) 487-5006


Senator Tom Lee

Legislative Aide:  Robert Heere                      (850) 487-5020


Senator Bill Montford

Legislative Aide:  Melissa Durham                 (850) 487-5003


Senator Kathleen Passidomo

Legislative Aide:  Jared Willis             (850) 487-5028



Senator Darryl Rouson

Legislative Aide:  Jason Holloway                 (850) 487-5019


Senator David Simmons

Legislative Aide:  Valerie Clarke                     (850) 487-5009


Senator Kelli Stargel

Legislative Aide:  Rachel Barnes                     (850) 487-5002


Senator Perry Thurston

Legislative Aide:  Kirstie Clinton                   (850) 487-5033



Other House Contacts ((please reach out to anyone you have a personal relationship with!))


Rep. Jose Oliva, Speaker                                                    (850)717-5110

Florida House of Representatives: Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee

*Also on Full House Appropriations


Rep. Holly Raschein, Chair*

Legislative Aide:  Julio Rodriguez                                (850)717-5120


Rep. Rick Roth, Vice Chair

Legislative Aide:  Sheri Healy                                        (850)717-5085


Rep. Kristin Jacobs, Dem Ranking Member*

Legislative Aide:  Anika Hamilton                                (850)717-5096


Rep. Thad Altman

Legislative Aide:  Selene Bruns                                    (850)717-5052


Rep. Chuck Brannan

Legislative Aide:  Staz Guntek                                      (850)717-5010


Rep. Chuck Clemons

Legislative Aide:  Ellen Boukari                                    (850)717-5021


Rep. Lawrence McClure

Legislative Aide:  Kyle Langan                                      (850)717-5058


Rep. Anika Omphroy

Legislative Aide:  Varrol Bailey                   (850)717-5095


Rep. Daniel Perez

Legislative Aide: Daniel Leon                                       (850)717-5116


Rep. Tina Polsky

Legislative Aide:  Alexis Montalvo                              (850)717-5081


Rep. Tyler Sirois

Legislative Aide:  Angelique Rinaldi                            (850)717-5051


Rep. Clovis Watson

LegislativeAide:  Michelle Sherfield                            (850)717-5020



House Appropriations Committee


Rep. Travis Cummings, Chair

Legislative Aide:  Sandy Matthews                             (850)717-5018


Rep. Dane Eagle, Vice Chair

Legislative Aide:  Paige LeBoutillier                             (850)717-5077


Rep. Kionnee McGhee

Legislative Aide:  Mikhail Scott                                    (850)717-5117


Rep. Brian Avila

Legislative Aide:  Silvia Castellanos                             (850)717-5111


Rep. Cord Byrd

Legislative Aide:  Katherine Woodby                         (850)717-5011


Rep. Ben Diamond

Legislative Aide:  Matthew Herndon                          (850)717-5068


Rep. Bobby Dubose

Legislative Aide:  Ryan Horland                                   (850)717-5094


Rep. Nicholas Duran

Legislative Aide:  Roberto Alvarez                               (850)717-5112


Rep. Randy Fine

Legislative Aide:  Anna Budko                                     (850)717-5053


Rep. Joseph Geller

Legislative Aide:  Joel Ramos                                       (850)717-5100


Rep. Evan Jenne

Legislative Aide:  Kristina Pickens                               (850)717-5099


Rep. Mike LaRosa

Legislative Aide:  Rebekah Hurd                                  (850)717-5042


Rep. Chris Latvala

Legislative Aide:  Amy Gregory                                    (850)717-5067


Rep. Tom Leek

Legislative Aide:  Stephanie Benedict                         (850)717-5025



Rep. MaryLynn Magar

Legislative Aide:  Ann Bolduc                                      (850)717-5082


Rep. Ralph Massullo

Legislative Aide:  Adele Hembree                                (850)717-5034


Rep. Cary Pigman

Legislative Aide:  Brandon Miller                                (850)717-5055


Rep. Scott Plakan

Legislative Aide:  Morgan Fess                                    (850)717-5029


Rep. Rene Plasencia

Legislative Aide:  Nitin Aggarwal                                  (850)717-5050


Rep. Paul Renner

Legislative Aide:  Samantha Story                               (850)717-5024


Rep. Ray Rodrigues

Legislative Aide:  Krissy Kulavic                                   (850)717-5076


Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith

Legislative Aide:  Kristellys Estanga                            (850)717-5049


Rep. Chris Sprowls

Legislative Aide:  Anna Stearns                                    (850)717-5065


Rep. Richard Stark

Legislative Aide:  Laurie Plotnick                                 (850)717-5104


Rep. Jay Trumbell

Legislative Aide:  Patti Butchikas                                (850)717-5006


Rep. Barbara Watson

Legislative Aide:  Shelia Robinson                              (850)717-5107


Rep. Jayer Williamson

Legislative Aide:  Sarah Green                    (850)717-5003


Rep. Clay Yarborough

Legislative Aide:  Jennifer Contreras                          (850)717-5012