RFLPP and Florida Forever Conservation Programs

Florida’s Land Conservation Programs

Funding our state land conservation programs – Florida Forever and Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP) – is crucial to the future of Florida and a sound economic decision. Investing in these programs is the most cost-effective way to protect our water and natural resources.


Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP)

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program under Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. RFLPP’s primary mission is the protection of agricultural lands.

Acres in Rural and Family Lands Protection Program Top Tier: 237,758

Florida Forever

Florida’s conservation lands program under Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FF Program does BOTH fee-simple and conservation easements). The primary goals of Florida Forever conservation easements are to: protect high priority natural resource areas and ensure our water resources are protected.

Current acres on Less-Than-Fee Florida Forever Project list: 696,959

Florida Cowboy and Horse
Florida Conservation Tree in Field
Florida Conservation Cowboys and dogs

Critical Conservation

RFLPP and Florida Forever are critical to the health of Florida’s landscape. Both of these programs protect water quality and supply for urban areas, maintain our agricultural economy, protect Florida’s tourist economy and military base buffers. Both programs partner with other local, state and federal programs to leverage resources and maximize protection benefits. Funding these conservation easement programs is an investment in Florida’s future and is critical to our quality of life.

Key Facts
• We are losing natural/agricultural land at rate of 100,000 acres a year
• Private lands protect Florida’s water and natural resources
• These programs are the most cost effective way to preserve our water resources
• We can invest a little now or a LOT later to restore our watersheds;
• Private lands protect drinking water supply and water quality/quantity to our urban areas
• Private lands critical to aquifer recharge
• Protection of water resources for fraction of cost of outright purchase
• RFLPP protects our food security and agricultural economy; Florida Forever protects our critical water resources
• Land stays on tax roles/private ownership
• Management costs responsibility of landowner

Statewide Conservation Areas

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RFLPP and Florida Forever Map 1

West Coast

RFLPP and Florida Forever Map West Coast

Northern Everglades

Florida Conservation Map Norhtern Everglades

Pan Handle

RFLPP and Florida Forever Pan Handle Map

Northern Florida

Florida Conservation Map Northern Detail

Central & South Florida

Florida Conservation Maps Central and South