Our Work

Our Planning and Science Project Work

We work to secure funding to conserve land and facilitate land protection on the local, state, and federal levels. We utilize cutting-edge science, developed by our partners at the University of Florida’s Center for Landscape Conservation Planning, to identify the most critical lands for water and wildlife including the Florida panther and many other threatened and endangered species.

We are experts in conservation programs, including local, state and federal land acquisition programs, wetland restoration, water storage, cost share and ecosystem service programs to maximize options that generate income and protect land, improve habitat, and restore water resources. We are trusted by landowners across the state to provide a science-based approach for land conservation that maintains natural and agricultural lands both ecologically and economically. We have extensive expertise in leveraging various government and private funding sources and bringing partnerships together to achieve landscape-level conservation.

We are also heavily engaged in planning, outreach and private lands management. Below we provide highlights of the FCG’s planning and science project work.