The Florida Conservation Group advocates for the protection of Florid’a ranchlands. We work to secure funding for land conservation; ranchers representing over 3 million acres of small and large ranchlands have signed on to support our efforts. We advocate for funding on a local, state and federal level. On the state level we are focused on The Rural and Family Lands Protection Program and the Florida Forever Program; these programs are a sound investment for the well-being of our state.

Florida has always been a national leader in land protection. Conservation easements are an economically efficient way to protect our natural resources. Our natural and agricultural landscape is disappearing at a rapid pace; the time to support these programs is now. We trust our state leaders will make economic and environmentally sound decisions and fund both of these nationally recognized programs. The protection of natural and agricultural lands is necessary for Florida’s economy and healthy communities. We spend over $10 billion to fund the Department of Transportation each year, and we can certainly spend $200 million to protect our land and water resources. These programs are needed to protect our state’s water supply and quality, clean air, habitat and wildlife and maintain the agriculture that is a critical part of our state economy. Land protection isn’t a luxury; it is vital to Florida’s future.

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