Conservation Easement on Corona Ranch Approved by Governor and Cabinet

October 17, 2017

The Florida Conservation Group (FCG) is thankful to the Governor and Cabinet for approving a new 2500-acre conservation easement under the Rural and family Lands Protection Program. The Corona Ranch conservation easement is located in the Everglades Headwaters, just a stones throw from the Kissimmee River. We are grateful to our partners: the Corona Family, Audubon of Florida and the National Wildlife Refuge Association for all of their efforts to protect this ecologically valuable property. The Corona Ranch plays a critical role in our efforts to protect the Lake Okeechobee watershed, and the drinking water for millions of people in urbanized areas. The ranch contains significant wetlands that are crucial to Kissimmee river restoration efforts; ranchlands ability to hold and store water is an important and cost-effective tool in our collective Everglades restoration efforts.

Conservation Easements are the most economically viable option to protect Florida’s land and water resources. FCG advocates for funding to protect Florida’s water, wildlife and way of life