Land Conservation and our Water Resources

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The Florida Conservation Group believes in a holistic approach to addressing our water resource issues. Our waterways have issues because our watersheds have issues. We focus on addressing the underlying problems, namely PROTECTING and REHYDRATING our watersheds. Focusing on incentive-based solutions, and working with private landowners is critical to our water quality. Florida’s ranchlands can be part of the solution in an overall strategy to address our water issues.

FCG’s work in protecting our water resources in Florida rural landscapes includes (not all inclusive):
•    Advocating for land conservation funding on a state and federal level;
•    Supporting science-based land protection, either through easements or fee simple, that are capable of storing water and treating it before it reaches major water bodies;
•    Rehydrating and restoring wetlands and floodplains;
•    Supporting science-based dispersed water storage projects.

We support protecting existing wetlands and restoring others through a variety of programs. We work to PREVENT further decreases in water quality through land protection and helping to FIX current water quality issues by restoring wetlands and floodplains to remove nutrients before they reach major freshwater bodies and the estuaries.

Land conservation is essential for achieving watershed protection goals. Protecting high-quality wetlands, floodplains, and natural buffers will protect ecological functions and minimize future degradation that could worsen current water management issues. Protected land also creates additional opportunities for restoring wetlands and water storage to reduce current impacts.

The Florida Conservation Group will be advocating for land conservation, wetland restoration and dispersed water storage funding to PROTECT and REHYDRATE our watersheds. We believe the conservation of Florida’s ranchlands is part of the overall strategy in fixing our water resource problems.