Florida Ranchlands: Protecting Our Watersheds

March 12, 2019

Simple, Efficient and Effective
Land conservation is essential for achieving watershed protection goals. Protecting high-quality habitat means CATCHING and KEEPING rain right where it falls and prevents water from rapidly running off into our estuaries and other water bodies. Land conservation doesn’t require pumping or building infrastructure. It is Simple, Efficient and Effective!

Florida Ranchlands Hold and Filter Water
Cattle ranches are a primary (and low intensity) rural land use in the watersheds of southern Florida; they provide essential wildlife habitat and the best opportunities for wetland restoration and water storage.

Protecting our Watersheds
Any approach to addressing the algae blooms and red tide in south Florida must begin at the source, by protecting landscapes that can hold and clean water before it flows into our rivers, lakes, aquifers, and coastal estuaries.



Florida Forever and The Rural and Family Lands Protection Program.

Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP)
Agricultural Conservation Easement Program under Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. RFLPP’s primary mission is the protection of our working lands, agricultural economy and water resources.

Florida Forever
Florida’s conservation lands program under Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FF Program does BOTH fee-simple and conservation easements). Program is a national model for science-based land conservation. The primary goals of Florida Forever conservation easements are to: protect high priority natural resource areas and ensure our water resources are protected.

Florida Forever and RFLPP are critical to the health of the landscape; they both protect water quality and supply for urban areas.


Conservation Easements:
• Store and treat water BEFORE it reaches major water bodies;
• Prevent further decreases in water quality;
• Are the most cost-effective way to preserve our water resources


We can invest a little now or a LOT later to restore our watersheds!