Ranchlands: Nature’s Paths Across Florida

August 17, 2020

The Florida Ecological Greenways Network (FEGN) identifies the most important wildlife corridors and large, intact landscapes in the state. FEGN Priorities 1-3 (shown on map) are the top priority wildlife corridors; these are the lands that need to be protected to maintain native wildlife, watersheds, and habitats.

Some of the FEGN is already protected (in conservation land). But much remains to be done. In the southern part of the state, the majority of the FEGN is in ranchlands. If we want to preserve a connected natural landscape from south to north Florida – it is critical we protect these working ranchlands.

The Florida Ecological Greenways Network (FEGN) Priority 1 and Priority 2 corridors are also the foundation of the Florida Wildlife Corridor

the florida ecological greenways network