Listen to Florida Uncut Podcast Interview with Julie Morris

March 5, 2024

Florida uncut podcast interview with Jim StricklandUnderstanding programs that promote ranchland conservation through conservation easements.


FCG Executive Director Julie Morris speaks volumes about the necessity of nature and Florida’s land conservation programs in this podcast on Florida Uncut with Mason Gravely. Having preserved thousands of acres with the knowledge and straightforward approach of a wildlife biologist, coupled with a passion for all things natural, Julie provides a compelling case for conservation in this episode.


Listen to the episode.


About Julie


Julie Morris has over 25 years of experience in Florida conservation—from working as a research wildlife biologist and land manager to implementing land protection and developing conservation policy at regional, state, and federal levels.


Julie founded Florida Conservation Group (FCG) in 2015 with fellow ranchers and scientists. Through FCG, she has represented private landowners in the conservation of over tens of thousands of acres of land and has represented government entities in the conservation of many thousands of additional acres.


She held leadership roles in the Southwest Florida Conservation Blueprint pilot project for FWC, the protection of the USFWS Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area, the development of the Southwest Florida Landscape Conservation Design for the USFWS and the establishment of the Everglades to Gulf Conservation Area.


She runs her own cow-calf operation in the Myakka Valley.


About Florida Uncut


Get ready to dive into Florida’s vibrant conservation movement with ‘Florida Uncut’. Each episode is a conservation with the people doing the work to protect and connect wild Florida. Whether you’re a seasoned environmentalist or just getting familiar with conservation, this podcast is here to inspire you with captivating stories and firsthand experiences from the often unsung heroes dedicated to safeguarding Florida’s breathtaking wilderness. Together, we’ll unite in our mission to safeguard Florida’s untamed landscapes for future generations, ensuring the true essence of Florida remains forever ‘uncut’. New episodes every other Tuesday…or so.